Putin Stands With MAGA Americans In Battle Against Biden

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is planning to push President Biden on human rights abuses that are being done against conservatives who went to the almost completely peaceful event at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, has stressed that in recent weeks, U.S. officials are breaking the human rights of conservative dissidents, which is an accusation routinely used against Russia by Washington elites.

“We are ready to talk about whatever we believe is necessary. With no taboo topics. We will be ready to answer questions from the Americans. This will also apply to human rights,” Lavrov said during his press conference in Moscow.

“For example, we are watching the persecution of those people who are accused of rioting on January 6,” Lavrov said. “Many interesting things are occurring regarding the human rights of the opposition and guarding those rights” in the United States.

Conservative journalists have reported on Trump protesters being treated as enemy combatants by so-called police.

Ronald Sandlin, a Trump supporter who was there for the protest, said he was targeted with “mental torture” and another protester, Ryan Samsel reported being “severely beaten by officers, and is now blind in one of his eyes.”

Another terrible story was reported of 60yo Richard Barnett being targeted with anti-white attacks by black prison guards.

Sandlin says that Barnett was assaulted by black guards who yelled to him: “I hate all whites and your honky religion.”

This horrendous response is due to a relentless media coverage justifying hate against white people and vilifying pro-Trump Americans.

Russia is now standing up for Trump supporters when most GOP politicians are silent or encouraging the oppression.

Even if it is for nothing more than geopolitical points, the fact that Putin can now claim more concern for conservatives in America than the current Republican party is a shocking sign of the times.

Author: Steven Sinclaire