Rand Paul Exposes Secret Covid Treatments Among Dems

This week, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) expressed his concern that there may be a double standard between Democratic politicians and the general public when it comes to receiving monoclonal antibodies during an interview on FNC’s “Hannity.”

While they were forbidden to the general public, a Kentucky Republican US Senator inquired whether recently COVID-diagnosed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had gotten those therapies.

“What’s worse than that is that the government doesn’t just control production; they’ve also taken away Sotrovimab. They withdrew it because they claim it isn’t effective in the laboratory, but thousands of physicians throughout the country maintain — well, it appears to be working in practice. See, this was in January. They withdrew the first two monoclonals because they were unsuccessful in the laboratory. Meanwhile, thousands of physicians were left without treatment and claimed we think it still works.”

“So, this is what’s going on now, and this is why it’s such a crucial issue for Nancy Pelosi to answer. Did she get the monoclonal? And if they’ve taken them off the market for everyone else, but Nancy Pelosi gets them or President Biden should get them, we have a significant problem because there’s a different standard for Democrat politicians than regular people.”

“I believe they should leave them out there and develop new monoclonal antibodies,” Dr. Greenfield concluded. “The thing is, is that some omicron still remains. Just because the majority of the virus is the new variant doesn’t imply that monoclonal antibodies developed against the residual omicron won’t work against this variant as well. I think it’s a bit hasty to take them off the market; however, when you concentrate all medical decision-making in Washington, which is a huge mistake, that’s exactly what happens.”

The Democrats believe that there should be one set of standards for themselves and a different set of standards for everyone else. The midterms are fast approaching, allowing us all the opportunity to educate them on this fact. It’s going to be fun to see their faces as they realize they have lost all their power in one single nationwide election.

Author: Scott Dowdy