Rand Paul’s Fiery Attack On Leftwing Media Is Going Viral

By Andrew Mark Miller October 28th, 2020 | Image Source : Washington Examiner

Sen. Rand Paul called out the “leftwing media” for reporting new coronavirus cases but not covering mortality which he says is “down 82%” in Spain.

“New COVID infections up 33% in Spain but mortality down 82%!” the Kentucky Republican and physician tweeted, along with a link to updated coronavirus totals in Spain. “The Leftwing media reports the new cases but refuses to let anyone hear the good news — mortality rates are plummeting!”

Although deaths lag behind infections, Spain recorded 17,396 new coronavirus cases on Oct. 26, according to Worldometers, and 93 deaths.

Spain declared a national state of emergency on Sunday and a curfew to combat a “second wave” of coronavirus infections.

“The reality is that Europe and Spain are immersed in a second wave of the pandemic,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said. “The situation we are living in is extreme.”

Two peer-reviewed studies released earlier this month also showed an 18% decrease in mortality among people hospitalized with the coronavirus.

Paul has been a vocal critic of strict coronavirus restrictions, including the lockdowns implemented in Europe, tweeting during last week’s presidential debate that supporting lockdowns should be “disqualifying” for former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Just now: @JoeBiden will not rule out more lockdowns,” Paul tweeted. “This should be disqualifying. We have had enough petty tyrants like @NYGovCuomo hurting our economy and hurting our children.”

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘Mortality down 82%!’: Rand Paul slams ‘leftwing media’ for coverage of Spain coronavirus case surge

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