Rand Paul’s Wife Won’t Be Intimidated By Terrorists

Kelley Paul, wife of GOP Senator Rand Paul, slammed critics who advocated for violence against her family.

“I saw it was a death threat and called the FBI,” Kelley Paul tweeted. “This sort of threat is waged against Rand on a daily basis by @ReallyAmerican1, a Democrat PAC that sends money to people like @mmpadellan who celebrate the attack that almost killed Rand. @DNC ignores this. @richardmarx was encouraging more violence.”

Earlier this week, an envelope containing a death threat and white powder was sent to Paul’s Kentucky residence.

“People such as @BetteMidler have applauded Rand’s attack for years. The teacher @RodRobinsonRVA tweeted that the person who attacked Rand was ‘heroic’ and hinted for Mitch McConnell’s neighbors to do the same. Why is he allowed to still be a teacher,” Kelley said.

Kelley Paul, who has been married to Rand Paul for more than 30 years with the two having three children together, added that she has had enough with violent threats by people with “empathy” in their twitter bios and warned that her family has guns.

“Rand will stand up for Americans’ liberties,” she said. “He will keep challenging the ‘experts.’ We will not be intimidated. And yes, we do have guns.”

Rand Paul also spoke about the violent threats against him, saying he was intending to talk to Twitter executives about a threat made by musician Richard Marx.

“If I ever meet Rand’s neighbor I will buy him a lot of drinks, as many as he wants,” Marx said days ago.

In 2018, Senator Paul was almost killed when his neighbor attacked him while doing yardwork. Paul had multiple broken ribs, underwent many pneumonia treatments that came from the attack, and also had surgery on a hernia caused by the assault.

Author: Scott Dowdy