Reading ‘Unapproved’ News Could Now Land You In Prison

Douglas Jensen, who is a January 6th political prisoner, could get locked up soon for looking at news videos on his smartphone.

Federal thugs are saying that Jensen’s pretrial release is to be revoked, placing him behind bars before his trial, because he watched videos on Rumble, an alternative video platform.

“Just thirty days after Jenen’s release from the Washington Jail, the defendant was seen in his garage, making use of an iPhone to stream videos from Rumble,” U.S. officials said in their motion to put Jensen in jail.

“When confronted about his violation of the terms of his release, the defendant gave his Pretrial Services Officer with many excuses,” they said.

This obvious humiliation ritual, which is emblematic of a Soviet-like show trial, is right in line with the deep state under Biden’s lead. They made it certain in their motion that the persecution which they aimed at Jensen was about criminalizing and demonizing the spread of “conspiracy theories,” as a part of their agenda to remove free speech from the U.S. Constitution.

“In his reply, Jensen said he had come “full circle” – that he felt “deceived by the QAnon conspiracy, and that he “recognized the lies.” But his violation confirms what the Court and Government suspected all along: that his disavowal of the QAnon conspiracy was only an act; that his epiphany inside the Jail was just self-advocacy; and that he will not leave behind his beliefs that caused him to chase Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman through a Senate staircase on Jan. 6, 2021,” the United States government said.

“Jensen cannot be trusted to follow this Court’s orders. Jensen is subject to the greatest degree of supervision, which leads us to understand there are no more conditions of his release that we can enact to guard the public from Jensen or to guarantee compliance with his release agreement. To allow Jensen to stay on pretrial release would be to give trust to an undeserving person who has proven himself not willing to change, much less rethink, his actions after January 6. Jensen is a danger to our community and must not be trusted by this Court to go along with the conditions of release,” they said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire