Red State Delivers Knockout Blow To Election Stealers

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed a law on Tuesday that will force voters in the state to provide photo ID before voting.

Gordon, a Republican, enacted House Bill 75 into law, which means that beginning in July of this year, Wyoming voters will have to show a valid photo ID to cast their ballots.

The bill has been ripped by Democrats in the state, who argue that voter ID laws lower turnout, especially for minorities, while the GOP responds that a photo ID prevents fraud.

“It is a needed function of our government to give citizens the confidence that our elections are safe and fair,” Wyoming House state Rep. Chuck Gray, said. “I am proud about this crucial milestone for Wyoming.”

The passing of the bill comes as voter ID laws are a point of contention between Republicans and Democrats, most notably in Texas and Georgia, where new laws have caused liberal boycotts and a decision by the MLB to move their All-Star Game out of Georgia.

Polling from last month revealed a strong majority of 75% of people support voter ID laws, including 69% of black Americans. A poll in the swing state of Michigan revealed 72% of voters like the idea of showing an ID before voting.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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