Red-State Governor Partners With Mexico To Defeat Biden

This week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced that he has reached a deal with the governor of Mexico’s Nuevo León state to secure part of the Texas-Mexico border.

“Governor Samuel García of Texas and the Sovereign and Free State of Nuevo León signed a Memorandum of Understanding to improve border security efforts that will stop unlawful immigration from Mexico to Texas, as well as enhance the movement of traffic crossing the Colombia Solidarity International Bridge,” according to an Abbott press release. “The agreement becomes effective right away.”

Abbott announced the agreement, blasting President Joe Biden for eliminating critical border security measures like Title 42.

“Texans deserve and demand an aggressive, all-encompassing border security plan that will safeguard our communities from the hazardous consequences of uncontrolled immigration,” said the Republican. “Until Pres. Biden starts enforcing the immigration laws that were passed by Congress, Texas will take matters into its own hands to secure the border and engage Mexico for answers that will keep Texans safe.”

“This historic agreement between Nuevo León and Texas is a significant step in the state’s attempt to secure the border without the federal government,” Abbott said.

“The Office of the Governor and the Texas Secretary of State have been in touch with governors from  Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, and the North American Unit’s Chief Officer at Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs about signing similar memoranda.”

In April, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to send illegal immigrants pouring into his state to Washington, D.C., and he followed through on the promise this week.

“With the Biden administration ending Title 42 expulsions in May, Texas will be taking its own unprecedented measures this month to better secure our state and country, as no other state in history has done,” Abbott stated, according to The Daily Wire.

“To assist local authorities who are being overwhelmed by masses of unlawful immigrants dropped off by the Biden White House, Texas is giving charter buses to transport these illegal immigrants away from border communities to Washington, D.C.,” Gov. Abbott added. “We are sending them to meet with officials at the U.S. capital, where the White House will be able to better respond to the needs of those they have allowed across our border.”

Author: Blake Ambrose