Red-State Governor Prepares National Guard To Defend Against Biden

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced this Tuesday that he will sue the Biden White House for its vaccine mandate order on the Texas National Guard.

“As the leader of the Texas militia, I have given a straightforward order to all members of the Texas National Guard inside my chain of command: Don’t punish any service member for choosing not to get a vaccine,” Abbott said.

“Unless President Joe Biden federalizes the Texas National Guard in line with Title 10 of the United States Code, he is not the commander-in-chief according to state Constitutions. And if I’m your commander-in-chief, I won’t tolerate the forcing of the coronavirus vaccine. Let me be certain: It is the federal government that placed Texas’s guardsmen in this hard position. As your commander-in-chief, I will fight for you. That is why I’m suing the Biden White House over its new unconstitutional mandate,” the governor said.

Abbott’s letter comes after he notified Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin that his state of Texas “will not impose Biden’s vaccine mandate onto members of the Texas National Guard.” Austin had warned service members might face consequences for going against the administration’s vaccine mandates.

“As Texas Governor, I am the current commander-in-chief of the state militia,” Abbott said to Austin. “In this capacity, on Oct. 4, 2021, I directed the adjutant general to accept my Executive Order. If unvaccinated service members have any negative consequences in Texas, the President and his team will be the only ones to blame. Texas will not force this new vaccine mandate on its service members. If the federal government threatens to defund the Texas National Guard, I will deploy all legal tools available as governor in defend these American heroes.”

In Oct., Abbott ordered Texas Adjutant General Tracy Norris not to reprimand his guardsmen who chose to not get the vaccine, highlighting his executive order preventing vaccine mandates by any governmental agency within the state. This comes at a time when Democrats are losing the narrative war surrounding covid-19 and the vaccines.

Author: Steven Sinclaire