Red-State Passes Law That Continues What Trump Started

Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers said this week that a bill was passed by the senate to build a border wall in the state of Arizona.

The big announcement was given via both social media and using a media release on Roger’s website.

“My bill to construct the wall on Arizona lands passed the state Senate. Amazing bravery to everyone who said yes. Thank you all,” said the senator via Twitter.

The law, SB1032, promises to acquire $700,000,000 in the fiscal year 2022-2023 from the state general fund to a newly created border security fund in order “to manage and administer the maintenance and construction of a physical border fence in line with section 26-105” of Arizona’s Revised Statutes.

Arizona Congress-member Paul Gosar (R) went on social media to congratulate her on the bill’s passage. Gosar tweeted, “Yes! Great job! The most important job of government is to keep Americans safe.”

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers made headlines after announcing she has had enough of the border crisis and is ready for a conclusive action.

“I want to see some tanks and a wall on our border. We have got to that point,” Rogers said in Dec..

That same month, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey held a news conference at the southern border criticizing Pres. Joe Biden’s awful national security because of failing to protect it. A few illegal aliens can be seen crossing the border during the clip.

This comes at a time when MAGA Americans are itching for a win and wanting Donald Trump to come back to Washington DC. With recent polls putting Donald Trump far in the lead among GOP candidates for the primary in 2024.

Meanwhile, Biden has slowly declined among even Democrats. He is now at his record low in approval ratings. Americans are fed up with inflation and many people are hurting from higher food prices, higher gas prices, and even higher rents across the country. But most of all Americans are sick of seeing the country being invaded and treated like an open house for anyone to come in and receive welfare benefits.

Author: Steven Sinclaire