Republican-Lead State First To Crush Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID panic, most states (including red ones) bowed to the fear and hysteria. Governors and—in some cases—judges mandated strict lockdowns, crippling the economy and upending millions of lives.

But not everyone cowered to the fear and insanity generated by the MSM. There were a few leaders unwilling to jeopardize their residents’ lives over the ever-changing recommendations of the “experts.” South Dakota’s governor, Republican Kristi Noem, fought what must have been an overwhelming tide from other leaders. She refused to buckle and never implement those lockdown measures that so damaged the rest of the country.

And, it turns out, that kind of bravery pays off. Because as other states crumbled, South Dakota experienced a boom.

South Dakota GOP Governor Kristi Noem’s rejection of instituting draconian “lockdowns” because of the coronavirus seems to be bearing fruit. In a survey conducted by United Van Lines in January that tracked customers’ 2020 state-to-state migration patterns, South Dakota ranked fourth in the nation, virtually tied for second behind the state of Idaho.

“Black Hills area realtors and builders say there’s an influx of people who are relocating permanently or buying land in the region — and the trend isn’t expected to slow anytime soon. Newcomers from California, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Texas, Michigan, Colorado and Virginia along with Minnesota, North Dakota and Wyoming are leading the trend of relocating to South Dakota, local realtors say,” the Rapid City Journal reported. [Source: Daily Wire]

Well, look at that. Among the top states people are fleeing to, South Dakota appears to be high on the list. Why? Many are saying it’s because the state never shut down, meaning businesses, schools, churches and more could continue operating as usual.

The fear of COVID continues to manipulate the decisions of leaders across the country, even as they admit how damaging lockdowns have been. New York is all but in ruins. The governor is only now talking about reopening, after a large portion of its businesses shut down for good. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the top states people are fleeing from include California, Washington, New York, New Jersey, D.C., and Michigan.

All of these regions have implemented harsh lockdowns that destroyed livelihoods and derailed lives. Even conservative states like Texas had long-running lockdown measures and restrictions; some are still in place to this day.

Who would have thought that in today’s day and age South Dakota would be a hotspot to move to? But that is what happens when “prominent” cities and states are turned into ghost towns for months on end. Americans will flock to where freedom is cherished and protected. As blue coastal states bleed residents, perhaps only now will their leaders realize what a massive mistake they made.

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