Republican Senator Slams Biden For His “Crime Against Nature”

GOP Louisiana Senator John Kennedy said this Monday that President Biden’s reported choice to pay a contractor not to construct the border wall is “a crime against nature.”


I read this article about President Joe Biden, and his decision to send the contractors $2 billion not to construct the wall, not to complete the wall, and here is my conclusion about this,” Kennedy said on Fox News.

“What do you call a genius in Biden’s Homeland Security? A visitor,” Kennedy joked.

“What he is doing is a crime against nature and everyone’s intelligence, for two big reasons,” Kennedy went on, saying that the decision is “a terrible waste of taxpayer funds” and that creating a border wall should not be a contentious issue, given that nations as varied as Israel and Saudi Arabia have built them.

“Walls do work and we have had a wall for 30 years in this country,” Kennedy said. “Every leader since then has backed this including Obama and Clinton, except President Biden. I believe the conclusion is pretty much inescapable that President Joe Biden wants open borders.”

The senator stated Biden did not have to “tell Americans the truth” when he set out to be president in 2020. “He believes our border is a problem, he believes that vetting illegals who come to the border is racist, he believes anybody should be able to come to America.”

Senator Kennedy said we know this is true because of the 1 million illegals who “have arrived into America from our southern border and we do not have the faintest clue as to who they are.”

VP Kamala Harris was put into place as Biden’s border czar. She has stated that prospective immigrants to the U.S. should not come in illegally, but did not reveal if Border Patrol would start turning more of them back.

The Biden Admin. said in April that they were considering constructing more of the wall to complete “the gaps.”

Joe Biden’s eight-year long path to citizenship agenda would allow illegals living in the United States as of Jan. 2021, to get temporary legal status in just five years and then apply for citizenship after another three years.

Author: Blake Ambrose