Republican Sheriff Gives Democrats a Warning They’ll Never Forget

A sheriff in Florida’s Polk County delivered a stark warning to people moving into the state – cautioning them not the repeat the mistakes made in the states they are fleeing.

Sheriff Grady Judd warned the new Floridians that they must not vote the way they did in their former states they are escaping from, assuming that they voted for Democratic politicians, otherwise they will turn their new home state into the one they fled.

Judd’s remarks came during a press conference with Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, during which he signed an anti-riot bill into law that creates tougher penalties for those who engage in violent riots.

“Never have I seen the leadership that I see with Governor DeSantis, with Speaker Sprowls, and with President Simpson,” Judd said. “They’re making a positive difference, not for government, but for the people of the state of Florida. Florida is a unique place and a special place. It’s where we work, where we live, but it’s also where the world comes to play, to bring their children, and their children have a right to be safe.”

Judd highlighted the far-left riots that have devastated communities in Democrat-controlled cities across the U.S., including Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis, and said that officials would not allow that to happen in Florida.

“We’ve got a new law and we’re going to use it if you make us,” Judd said.

“We’re going to protect the people. No longer will people walk up and surround you as a citizen of Florida or a visitor of Florida, surround you while you’re eating dinner at an outdoor cafe in a big mob without there being immediate consequences and arrest. It’s not acceptable.”

While Judd did not specifically mention voting for the Democratic party as part of his warning – his background suggests that is exactly what he meant. Judd endorsed pro-Trump candidates in Florida during the last election cycle, was appointed to the Trump administration’s Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.

“We’re a special place and there are millions and millions of people who like to come here, and quite frankly, we like to have them here,” Judd said. “So we only want to share one thing as you move in hundreds a day, welcome to Florida, but don’t register to vote and vote the stupid way you did up north or you’ll get what they got.”

“There’s a reason that this place is fun,” Judd continued. “There’s a reason why we have a 49-year-low crime rate. And the same people that don’t think we should have an anti-rioting bill or a rioting bill are the same ones that think we ought to let more people out of prison. And where they’re doing that, as the governor and our speakers have alluded to, crime goes up, but it’s not just crime that goes up, victimization goes up.”

Author: Marlin Thompson

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