Republicans Conduct A Full-Scale Rebellion Against Democrat Insanity

GOP Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie has come out against the Capitol Police chief’s statement that anyone not complying with the Pelosi mask mandate is subject to be arrested while also slamming the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself.

Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger said this Thursday that the Capitol Police, in compliance with Pelosi’s new mandate, are ordered to arrest any staff or visitor who refuse an officer’s demand to wear a mask while inside the building.

Massie said the rule was “INSANE” and said he would not follow the mandate in a tweet.

“This is INSANE. May as well come in and arrest my whole staff,” Massie tweeted. “We are not using masks. I support the Police, but the Chief made a mistake. The doctor and the chief of police do not have this power.”

The House’s mandate came back after the CDC gave its updated guidelines recently on July 27, suggesting that all people, regardless of your vaccine, wear a mask inside to guard against the Delta variant.

Capitol Police will partner with the House to “enforce the mandate in all House Buildings and meetings,” the bulletin said. A person that does not accept the rule will be hit with “Unlawful Entry” charges.

“If a staff member does not wear a mask after an official request is made, the person shall be denied entry into the House or House-side of the Capitol,” Manger said. “Any person who does not comply or leave after being asked to will be subject to arrest for Unlawful Entry.”

Pelosi maintained the previous mask mandate even with the CDC’s May guidance that said completely vaccinated people can go to indoor settings without using a mask. The Kentucky GOP member tweeted at the time that he would not follow the Speaker’s restrictions since they were “not founded on science.”

“We have had enough. We are not using our masks in the House regardless of Pelosi’s threat to take $500 from all of us,” Massie said.

The Dept. of Defense (DOD) said on Wednesday that all visitors and employees are required to go along with the CDC’s new recommendations.

Author: Steven Sinclaire