Republicans Demand That Biden Explain His Human-Trafficking

The Biden White House has come under more scrutiny for their lack of transparency about where illegals are being released after at least 200,000 were caught just last month. During an interview recently, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich stated that the Biden admin. owed it to the American public to admit the truth and explain which towns were being targeted.

Gingrich then said, “when you have people flooding in who have not been checked for COVID, who have a lot of cases and have not been researched for criminal records, to just throw them on a Greyhound and say bye, strikes me as completely irresponsible and a threat to our nation.”

A leaked presidential document gotten by NBC showed during the past few weeks, at least 20 percent of unaccompanied children coming through the southern border have tested positive for coronavirus after being sent into U.S. towns by Border Patrol.

“This is a topic that the members of the Senate and House should be asking, so who is arriving in my district, and who will pay for it? It is a real issue,” Gingrich said. “In McAllen, Texas, their estimated number was 16 percent of the people crossing the border had coronavirus. Now that is based on who was in McAllen.”

COVID-positive illegals have been temporarily kept in McAllen, Texas in tents inside a public park. At least 16 percent of illegals tested positive for coronavirus upon entering the community.

Residents have showed worries about the public safety risk this health danger poses. During a speech last week, Mayor Javier Villalobos stated that until the Biden admin. helped them, their hands were tied. He said that because of overflowing facilities, it was either this or allowing them to go into the community.

Meanwhile, President Biden is expected to get a briefing about the increase of coronavirus positive migrants later this week, but it is not clear how or even if the White House will deal with it.

This comes at a time when Republicans have been justifiably hitting out against Biden for making America less safe from covid-19, while at the same time ordering more strict lockdown measures.

Author: Steven Sinclaire