Republicans Frantically Try To Use The 25th Amendment Against Biden

The most recent episode of “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad” began at the emergency NATO summit on Ukraine last Thursday and concluded with an absolutely catastrophic White House press conference on Monday. Fox News host Tucker Carlson called it quits: It’s time to use the 25th Amendment and remove Joe Biden from office.

During a contentious meeting on Monday, Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy went after Biden hard.

“You said troops would be sent to Ukraine, the United States would utilize a chemical weapon, and Russia’s regime should be changed.”

Being Biden, he put up a good show of total disbelief:

“None of those three things occurred.”

Still, it’s incredible — be it between the emperor’s new clothes and “Pay no attention to the man that’s behind the curtain.”

By Monday, Tucker was on a mission, as reported by Fox News.

During a segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the prominent host called for Biden’s impeachment and removal from office under the 25th Amendment. Not only for his ever-increasing blunders, but also because of other indications that the deranged president is no longer mentally competent to serve, including his growing propensity to lash out at people who question him, his actions, or what he says.

“The loss of control, or “rage outbursts,” that many old people experience are typical. They typically accompany dementia in men and fury in women as well. It’s a terrible feeling to lose it, and our hearts go out to anyone who is put in that situation. We feel for everyone who finds themselves in such a predicament, including Joe Biden.”

Tucker then revisited some of Joe Biden’s greatest hits, including along the 2020 presidential campaign trail.

Tucker also brought up Biden’s comments in the first debate, when he urged Americans to “call your member of Congress,” urge them to support the Magnitsky Act and stand against Russian oppression. Carlson was concerned about Biden’s clear call for regime change in Russia — whatever Biden and the White House may try to spin it now. Tucker effectively utilized Biden’s own words against him.

“The joke has run its course. There’s just too much on the line. If there was ever a moment to bring up the 25th Amendment, it is now. For God’s sake, this man cannot continue in power,” said Tucker.

Amen. Bring on Kamala Harris. We can fillet the devil out of her for two years — perhaps more — to assure a Republican presidential victory in 2024.

Observed Tucker:

“Biden, with his volatile temperament and mental and emotional problems, is pushing the United States toward war. It’s reasonable to examine Biden’s impact on the rest of us, not just his age, since he is 79 years old. He has a difficult time speaking plainly.It is important for a president of the United States to speak the words he intends to speak, not get carried away because he’s angry and say something he doesn’t mean that might jeopardize the long-term interests of this country and threaten the future of families and children across the U.S.”

With that in mind, Carlson could not have been more on the money. The overused “quietly speak out loud” phrase isn’t my favorite, but calls for the 25th Amendment’s invocation against Biden, who is easily the worst president in American history, quickly went from calm to very loud.

The reality:

Given that a two-thirds majority of the House and Senate are needed to remove a president from office under the 25th Amendment, chances of passage if it is used are currently nil.

Even if the Democrats suffer major losses in the House and Senate in the midterms, passage would be far from certain.

The question is, how much worse would it have to get before the Democrats acknowledge that reality? How long will they put their own ambitions ahead of America before they accept it?

Furthermore, would it be too late if they actually did?

Here’s a longer clip.

Author: Scott Dowdy