Republicans Go ‘Back In Time’ To Get Their Revenge


The MLB’s pulling of their All-Star Game from Atlanta is now being met with consequences from top GOP lawmakers.

Late last week, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said his decision was in response to Georgia’s new election security law. The move comes as liberals seek to boycott businesses in Georgia that did not disavow the new election-protecting laws.

Now, that decision could cost the league it’s long-held legal immunity.

GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan (S.C.) went to social media to announce his team was creating legislation to revoke the MLB’s antitrust exemption.

In 1922, the Supreme Court ruled that antitrust law did not apply to the MLB, because baseball was not an interstate business.

Yet this exemption does not cover other sports like the NBA or the NFL.

Republican Senator Mike Lee (Utah) agreed with his colleague, saying “it is time for us to remove the special privileges given to certain corporations. Especially those that attack their political opponents.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also agreed with Lee, saying he was “exactly right,” suggesting the senators would be working together to pass the legislation.

He even stressed the league’s sponsor list, questioning if they all were against voter ID laws, or were disregarding the millions of voters who voted for Trump.

Meanwhile, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) says the new measure will protect elections from voter fraud. He slammed the MLB during a press conference on Saturday, saying their decision to remove the game was cancel culture and caving to liberals’ criticism.

“The MLB gave into fear and lies from activists,” Kemp said. “They ignored the truth of our new law.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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