Republicans Make Biden Pay For Anti-American Policies

GOP Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis has put forward an act called “Stars and Stripes” that would stop the flying of political flags including the BLM flag at American embassies.

Malliotakis said “It’s inappropriate for Biden and Blinken to allow and encourage the showing of political flags not affiliated with the Government at our embassies overseas.”

The American flag gives hope to oppressed peoples around the globe; it should be the primary flag above our embassies and that’s what my bill wants to accomplish,” she said. “The White House’s order is an insult to those who sacrificed for our nation — especially as we go into Memorial Day weekend — and it is ridiculous that a new law is needed to fix this issue.”

The BLM flag was recently flown at the Athens embassy.

The US Consulate said “We raise this flag to mark one year since George Floyd’s murder – we stand in solidarity with other countries to push racial justice, a key agenda within our foreign policy #BLM”