Republicans Step In After New Admin’s Incompetence Destroys The Economy

House GOP members are expected to unveil their answer to Biden’s huge 2022 budget proposal. The representatives involved are confident that their program will balance the budget in five years and reduce taxes by almost $2 trillion.

Congressman Jim Banks (R-Ind.), the leader of the GOP Study Committee, said Democrats are “bringing in socialism and radically increasing the role of government.” He stressed that in only a short amount of time, the country is already seeing the terrible effects on the economy.

Banks said, “it is time conservatives regain the title of fiscal responsibility and show people an alternative plan for governance.”

Meanwhile, President Biden is attempting to drum up support for his huge spending plan as part of his Build Back Better Program. This week, he touted the officially named American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan during his visit to a Ford plant.

Biden said the plan will help the creation of electric cars and create new unionized jobs. However, the proposal gives most of the funds to progressive agendas like the Green New Deal, which kills millions of current jobs.

His second component has tax cuts and credits to increase the welfare state. These programs total around $4 trillion and will greatly accelerate the national debt.

Republicans are anticipated to reveal their counter proposal this week as President Biden will likely not get bipartisan support for his. However, the White House reports it will move forward either way. This shows the potential for yet another Biden executive order.

Author: Blake Ambrose