Republicans Strike Back After Biden’s Ridiculous Speech To Congress

Joe Biden was absolutely destroyed by Republican Sen. Tim Scott who delivered a rebuttal to the president’s extremely radical address to Congress.

“We just heard President Biden’s first address to Congress. Our president seems like a good man,” Scott began. “His speech was full of good words. But President Biden promised you a specific kind of leadership. He promised to unite a nation. To lower the temperature. To govern for all Americans, no matter how we voted. That was the pitch. You just heard it again. But our nation is starving for more than empty platitudes. We need policies and progress that bring us closer together.”

Scott continued, pointing out that in the first three months of Biden’s presidency, he and his fellow Democrats have done nothing but “pull us further apart.”

Scott then proceeded to talk about the challenging background that he came from and how faith and conservative principles played a big role in getting his life on track, and how those things are under attack now.

“This past year, I’ve watched COVID attack every rung of the ladder that helped me up,” Scott said. “So many families have lost parents and grandparents too early. So many small businesses have gone under. Becoming a Christian transformed my life — but for months, too many churches were shut down. Most of all, I am saddened that millions of kids have lost a year of learning when they could not afford to lose a single day.”

“Locking vulnerable kids out of the classroom is locking adults out of their future,” Scott continued. “Our public schools should have reopened months ago. Other countries’ did. Private and religious schools did. Science has shown for months that schools are safe. But too often, powerful grown-ups set science aside. And kids like me were left behind. The clearest case for school choice in our lifetimes…”

Scott then went on to highlight how under Republican President Donald Trump, there was much more bipartisan COVID-19 work than under Democrat Joe Biden who ran on empty promises of “unity.”

“Last year, under Republican leadership, we passed five bipartisan COVID packages. Congress supported our schools, our hospitals, saved our economy, and funded Operation Warp Speed, delivering vaccines in record time. All five bills got 90 … votes in the Senate. Common sense found common ground,” Scott said.

He continued, “In February, Republicans told President Biden we wanted to keep working together to finish this fight, but Democrats wanted to go it alone. They spent almost $2 trillion on a partisan bill that the White House bragged was the most liberal bill in American history! Only 1% went to vaccinations. No requirement to re-open schools promptly. COVID brought Congress together five times. This Administration pushed us apart.”

The Republican Sen. Went on hammering Biden for dividing instead of uniting, and on numerous policy issues, including infrastructure, Biden’s “Family Plan,” and other extreme proposals.

“Tonight we also heard about a so-called “Family Plan.” Even more taxing, even more spending, to put Washington even more in the middle of your life — from the cradle to college. The beauty of the American Dream is that families get to define it for themselves.”

“We should be expanding opportunities and options for all families — not throwing money at certain issues because Democrats think they know best,” Scott argued.

Author: Reed Waters

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