Rittenhouse Reveals Stunning Tales Of Torture While In Democrats’ Grasp

Being interviewed by Tucker Carlson, 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse exposed his original attorneys, John Pierce and Lin Wood, saying that they stranded him in jail while bringing in millions of dollars from his cause.

“Lin Wood was raising money for me, and he kept me in jail for 87 days, ignored my wishes, made me do news interviews which I shouldn’t have done. Which he said, ‘Oh, you are going to speak to the Washington Post,’ which was not a great idea. Along with John Pierce, they told me I was safer in a jail cell instead of with my family,” Rittenhouse said. “It was very long. I lost weight while I was there.”

“Eighty-seven days being away from my family for defending myself and getting taken advantage of, being used for a cause by Lin Wood and John Piece,” he continued, saying he did not have running water and I was not able to shower while in jail. “Trying to raise money for their benefit, not to get me out.”

Meanwhile, Rittenhouse’s current legal team is working to get bond funds raised by Pierce and Wood. Wood is now saying the money belongs to his group.

Kyle Rittenhouse is expected to face a legal battle for the $2 million bail paid for after his arrest.

Rittenhouse’s lawyers filed a motion after the verdict, saying that the money should be given to the teenager because it was given on his behalf.

Another party, however, believes the money belongs to them and claimed it before Rittenhouse’s current attorneys did.

The Fightback Foundation — a group run by so-called right-wing attorney Lin Wood — filed a motion after the verdict asking for the money to be refunded to the group. The seven-figure sum, however, was posted by Rittenhouse’s former lawyer John Pierce and had contributions that Rittenhouse’s mother, Wendy, helped to get.

In Sept., a foundation attorney wrote a message to Judge Bruce Schroeder, who was the judge over the Rittenhouse case, saying the funds should be given to Wood’s organization at the trial’s closure. The letter says that Pierce was “an agent” for the organization when he posted the bail, but no longer had any connections to the group.

“Accordingly, the $2,000,000 shall be given to the Fightback Foundation,” lawyer Xavier Solis said in a message.

Author: Blake Ambrose