Rush Limbaugh Slams Inauguration As Illegitimate

By OAN Newsroom January 18th, 2021 | Image Source: OANN

Rush Limbaugh said there is no way Democrats can claim that they represent the power base of the country.

He went off against ‘the left’ on his radio show, noting the more than 70 million Americans who did not vote for Joe Biden.

Like many conservatives around the country, Limbaugh acknowledged he feels a range of emotions right now. He said he believes Democrats will try everything they can to hold onto power because they have not legitimately won it.

Limbaugh also slammed the inauguration and claimed it looked like what someone might expect from a one-party state.

“I think they know that this is something that has been arranged rather than legitimately sought and won,” Limbaugh said. “And you can see this in their attitudes, in their smiles. You can see it and hear it in the words that they are uttering.”

Limbaugh acknowledged that he’s making himself a target by going after the left, but insisted Democrats are able to lie to themselves about their power.

Author: OAN Newsroom

Source: OANN: Rush Limbaugh Slams Inauguration As Illegitimate

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