Russia Slams Biden With Their Own Medical Diagnosis, See It Here….

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov targeted the Biden White House by pointing out their words are not in line with their actions.

While speaking in Russia this week, Lavrov highlighted Biden’s desire for de-escalation and better relations with his country. The diplomat also stressed that the Biden Administration’s actions have been confrontational over the previous weeks.

His comments came after Biden seemed to give in to the Kremlin’s pressure and asked for a summit with President Putin, which is expected to occur this summer. Lavrov said Biden’s team are so incoherent that they do not make sense.

“I believe there are schizophrenic undertones in the comments of some people in Washington., said the Russian foreign minister. “White House spokesperson recently stated that the sanctions against Russia will continue, that the sanctions are having the effect that they hoped for…the goal is to reduce tensions between the Russia and the U.S..”

Lavrov added, such policies break the United Nations Charter and are not helpful.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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