Russia’s New High-Tech Weapon Renders Everyone Speechless

The war in Ukraine might take a darker turn as the Russian military deploys the use of its hypersonic missiles. This is the first time that Russian forces have ever used hypersonic missiles warfare.

The Kinzhal hypersonic missiles have been used by the Russian military to destroy an ammo storage facility that was underground in Delyatyn.

Russia has long boasted about its hypersonic missiles that are able to evade traditional anti-missile defenses.

These missiles included the 3M22 Zircon missile which is a lower-flying rocket that can speed past any early detection tech. It, and other weapons like it in Russia’s arsenal, have a range of about 1,000 kilometers.

Russia’s state-owned media network, TV Zvezda, stated that “The Zircon hypersonic missile’s stealth features were disclosed” revealing that the missile was, in fact, used against Ukraine.

“The Zircon hypersonic missile’s speed is so high that it keeps the opponent’s air defense systems from detecting the time of impact,” said the state-owned media network.

It continued on by suggesting that “the launch of the missile will only be known after it has hit its target” and that the missile has “differentiating trajectory” making it harder for even the most advanced defense systems to detect it.

Krokkhmal has stated there will not be anything that could counter the Zircon missile for many years to come.

He said, “A coastal target, surface target. I do not think there will be anything that will be able to counter this in the short term.”

In Dec., when it was being tested, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin stated, “Zircon are our most recent missiles fired from the sea at land targets and sea targets.”

He added, “The missile tests had been carried out successfully, flawlessly” and stated that “this is a big event for our nation, a significant step in helping to improve Russia’s security.”

Similarly, last Oct., the Chinese government launched a hypersonic missile that was nuclear capable into space that could circle earth without ever being detected.

The Long March rocket has purportedly caught American intel agencies by surprise.

“We have no clue how they did this,” an anonymous United States official told the Financial Times.

Author: Scott Dowdy