SCOTUS Gives Democrats a Painful Reminder About What Happens To Cheaters

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to accept an appeal by D.C. residents attempting to get a voting member inside the House.

The country’s highest court this Monday affirmed a lower court decision that said D.C. residents are not entitled to representation inside the U.S. House.

Residents had requested the high court consider the issue. The court’s four-sentence ruling cited a case from 2000 in which the court said the same thing.

“Residents of DC are the only Americans subject to federal taxes who lack representation in D.C. except for felons in some States,” attorneys said in legal papers.

Previously this year, the Dem-controlled House voted 216-208 for a bill that would give statehood to D.C.

During an interview on Newsmax at the time, Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert revealed the reason Democrats made this move: an unlimited power grab.

Gohmert said their push for D.C. statehood was based on the argument of “no taxation without representation.”

“They are right: There should not be taxation without representation,” Gohmert said, noting other United States territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and the United States Virgin Islands are not forced to pay federal taxes because they cannot elect a representative.

“When I realized this, I filed a bill that would stop federal income tax for people in D.C.,” he said to host Carl Higbie. “But even Eleanor Holmes Norton won’t sign this bill, and no Democrats will.”

“So, when Democrats say, ‘You either support D.C. statehood or you are for taxation without representation’: Wrong, the Democrats that don’t support my bill, they want taxation without representation,” Gohmert said.

“If they weren’t, they would support my bill,” he said.

“So the Dems are supporting taxation without representation, not the GOP,” he said.

H.R. 51, otherwise called the D.C. Admission Act, would allow the district to have two senators and a representative in the U.S. House.

The new state would be named “Washington, Douglas Commonwealth” in honor of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

It would exclude monuments and federal buildings, and federal territory would be called the Capital.

Washington, D.C is as liberal as California, NY City, and other large cities.

Making the country’s capital a state would allow the Democrats two additional Senate seats and one more lawmaker in the House.

Author: Scott Dowdy