Secret ‘Cabal’ That Stole The Election Revealed

This feels like the kind of thing you would not say out loud but many in Washington and the press are just so absorbed in their own egos that they can’t help but take credit.

TIME has published a very weird article making some crazy and alarming claims. They say a secret cabal joined together across the nation to stop President Trump from winning the election. This included everything from media manipulation to having election laws altered.

This is a huge deal and bluntly undemocratic. Politics is usually manipulative, but working to alter election laws and stopping the flow of information to change an election is way past your typical election cycle shenanigans.

None of this is especially surprising to us. With all the information about “dark money” it has always been leftists (and the fake right) who will stop at nothing to win. Given their control over media and culture, banking institutions, and political influence organizations that the left has, it is hardly shocking they would use every lever to defeat President Trump.

We dealt with four years of overreacting about Russia from anti-MAGA forces, yet the truth is the people interfering with our elections are much easier to spot. The actions detailed in this TIME article are also much more dangerous to fair elections.

This secret group is not made up of illusory Russians. So people are ok with it? The left only care about election manipulation when it threatens their power. You won’t witness the media cry about this. Rather, this will all be allowed and ignored. Heck, it will be celebrated and talked about for years. Maybe even a movie?

Meanwhile, conservatives can get serious or get busy losing all over again.

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