Small Businesses Form Union To Destroy Democrats’ Monopoly

Groups representing thousands of small companies are coming together into a national group called “Small Business Rising” to push for stricter laws in an attempt to force Amazon to stop selling its own branded products in competition with other sellers.

The Wall Street Journal announced that businesses are joining together to create a national coalition to push for stricter laws. The agenda is being supported by trade organizations representing smaller hardware retailers, booksellers, office suppliers, and others on Tuesday.

Groups from 12 cities are also joining this coalition. With merchants planning to push their representatives for stricter laws and tougher enforcement of current laws.

The groups represents thousands of companies and want federal laws that would stop a dominant online marketplace from selling its own products in competition with other brands.

Officials of the House Antitrust Subcommittee are considering laws similar to these recommendations already as they work on changing U.S. antitrust laws, but no bill has been officially proposed.

An Amazon representative said in a comment that the company’s critics “are proposing misguided interventions that would punish consumers and kill independent retailers by kicking small businesses out of online stores, increasing prices, and lowering consumer choice.”

The newly created coalition is being called Small Business Rising and includes the American Booksellers Association, the National Grocers Association and the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding. The group seeks to leverage local business owners’ connections to their hometowns by pressuring Congress members, seeking news coverage, and other efforts.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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