Southerners Enraged By What A Top Democrat Said About Them

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (from NY) thinks that Jim Crow laws are now being used in red states like Florida and Texas even with the lack of evidence.

After her Jim Crow comments she continued to accuse Republican people that are against the Critical Race Theory of trying to “change teaching history to propaganda from the white-nationalist ideas in our schools”

During her interview with the far-left The New Yorker, “AOC spoke about worries that democracy might not exist in the U. S. 10 years from now.”

She then said, “What we are at risk of is getting a government that maybe postures like a democracy, and might try to pretend it is, but is not,” she said, saying that “white-nationalist, and reactionary ideas” is “beginning to grow to critical mass.” She is plainly unhinged. “I believe we will seem to be ourselves. I believe we will go back to Jim Crow. I believe that is what we risk.” Her meaning of Jim Crow must be being forced to show ID to vote.

She went after Texas mainly because of their voting integrity laws rambling on and saying, “You have it already occurring in Texas, where the Jim Crow-like disenfranchisement laws are already being proposed. You have had state legislature members, only several months ago, leave the state in order to stop such voting rules from being passed”. Her comments are offensive, absurd, and entirely inaccurate.

She then spoke about other Republican states, “In Florida, where the whole state voted to let people who were let out of prison after serving their debt to society to be reenfranchised, this is essentially being changed to intimidation and poll taxes at the polls”. By intimidation, Cortez means enforcing the rules. “You have a total attack on our own understanding of our history, to replace history with propaganda from white-nationalist ideas in our schools. This is how Jim Crow was.”

These claims are erroneous and they show how out of touch The Dem. party is with Americans. The Dems. are out of answers so they have resorted to using the race card at every possible chance.

Author: Blake Ambrose