Supreme Court Give Trump Massive Win–Sends Asylum Seekers Scrambling

Dems Tried to Block Trump’s Asylum Rule–SOCTUS Had Other Plans

President Trump finally forged an agreement with Mexico and other countries that would significantly curb migrants rushing to our border. The agreement was brilliant and should end the ongoing crisis plaguing our nation. Of course, Democrats used the courts to block Trump’s new rule. Thankfully, the Supreme Court decided to set things right.

The media hasn’t talked about it recently, but the crisis on the border hasn’t gone away. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have bombarded our border over the last year. Coached by “immigration activists,” these migrants are demanding asylum in the United States—completely ignoring our immigration rules and system.

They thought they could skip all those pesky laws by claiming to be refugees. Those who are denied jump the border.

Simply put, it’s created a mess. President Trump has fought to bring order to the chaos. Congress has time and again refused to cooperate. Any reasonable measures he’s recommended, they’ve rejected. Then they complained about the problems at detention centers.

Hey idiots! It’s your fault!

To the surprise of nearly everyone, Trump was able to get Mexico and other Central American countries to help with the crisis. Mexico has agreed to police their Southern border more aggressively. Plus, they are building more detention and migrant centers in their own country. The biggest change has been an asylum agreement by Mexico and others: that a person seeking asylum has to apply in the first country they reach after leaving their home.

That would eliminate the vast majority of migrants trying to come to America from Central America (and Asia and Africa—which is rarely talked about).

Big surprise, then, that radical judges have tried to block Trump’s rule in America. Really tells you something when Mexico is more willing to help us than Democrats.

The Supreme Court fired back, injecting some common sense into the situation.

In a major win for the Trump administration, the Supreme Court issued an order late Wednesday ending all injunctions that had blocked the White House’s ban on asylum for anyone trying to enter the U.S. by traveling through a third country, such as Mexico, without seeking protection there…

President Trump tweeted that the ruling was a “BIG United States Supreme Court WIN for the Border on Asylum!” The administration had argued in a brief to the Supreme Court that unless the injunctions were totally lifted everywhere, it “would severely disrupt the orderly administration of an already overburdened asylum system.” [Source: Fox New]

To all the bleeding hearts out there, you have to understand one thing. The United States can’t take in every last person in need of help (whether they are real refugees or lying). We have the right to set limits on who can enter our country and how many can come in each year.

We have our own people that are in need. Just look at the exploding homeless crisis going on In California. Should we neglect our own people in service of outsiders who just want handouts?

This new rule would limit how many migrants can demand entry into our country. It wouldn’t end our asylum system, just give us some room so we can properly evaluate each case.

Democrats want us to open the flood gates so that everyone with a sob story gets in, is given free housing, clothing, and money, and a job. Meanwhile, regular Americans are ignored.

This is why Democrats keep losing. They actually care more about migrants and illegals than they do about Americans.

The Supreme Court just allowed Trump’s common-sense rule to go into effect across the entire country. It means we won’t be accepting asylum seekers who came through another country to get here. They have to apply for asylum in the first country they reached. Makes sense to me. If you’re truly just trying to get away from a bad situation, you shouldn’t be so picky, right?

This rule should curb the massive number of migrants trying to bombard our border. It will give Border Patrol and Immigration breathing room. And it will help Trump bring order to the border.

Now all we need is a finished wall.

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