Supreme Court To Decide Another Explosive Cultural Issue

The Supreme Court announced that it would be hearing several cases that has to do with admission practices that are based on race at two colleges: The University of North Carolina and Harvard University. Alex Deise, a policy manager and attorney at FreedomWorks said that the decision of the Court has the chance to be “historic” and the decision could end the use of race-based affirmative action for admissions in higher education.

The Supreme Court will soon hear two cases that have challenged the affirmative action policies that are based on race for admission into the University of NC and Harvard University. The cases will be argued next term.

The court will soon make the decision if the admissions processes have violated civil rights laws. Both UNC and Harvard have been sued because of discrimination against white Americans and Asian.

Deise believed that the previous cases that have allowed race-based practices should be overturned by the court.

The Supreme Court has a historic opportunity by taking these cases to end the ability of universities and colleges to discriminate during their admissions process on the basis of race,” Deise told The Daily Wire.

Justices that are conservative like Clarence Thomas seem ready to stop affirmative action, with some of them even saying the practice is “bigotry” which hurts every American in one way or another regardless of what race they are:

Racial engineering does have serious consequences,” Thomas wrote, about a challenge to an affirmative action program at the University of Texas. “There is no doubt that discrimination at the University hurts Asian and white applicants who have been turned down admission due to race. I believe the injury to the ones that are admitted under the college’s discriminatory admissions program are harmed even more.”

Hispanics and blacks that are accepted to the University because of racial discrimination are, on average, a lot less prepared than their Asian and white classmates,” Thomas said.

The University accepts minorities who would have went to less selective schools where they would have been more equally matched,” he said. “But, because of the mismatching, many Hispanics and blacks who would have probably excelled at less elite colleges are put in a position where underperformance is very likely because they are not as academically prepared as the Asian and white students that they have to compete with. Putting aside the damage put upon the self-confidence of these students that are overmatched, there is not any proof that they can learn more at the University than they could have learned at other schools that they were better prepared for. Indeed, they could learn less.”

With a 5-4 decision, Clarence Thomas and others that are on the court could make the decision that affirmative action violates the United States Constitution.

Author: Blake Ambrose