Swing State County Unleashes ‘Full Forensic Audit’ Of Election

The Supervisors Board in Maricopa County, Arizona’s biggest county, has voted unanimously to perform a “full audit” of election machines.

Jack Sellers, the Board chairman, said in a message that the audit is needed to give Maricopa County citizens the “added assurance” of vote integrity.

“Maricopa County had fair elections in 2020. Many audits have proven that, and several court decisions have agreed,” Sellers stated.

“It’s also a fact that voters want the added peace of mind that a complete audit of equipment could give, especially given the confusion that followed the 2020 election. This audit demonstrates our drive to give our citizens that assurance,” Sellers said.

The initial audit will start on Feb. 2, with a followup audit starting on Feb. 8.

This move comes after the GOP-led Arizona Senate, which is attempting to perform its own audit, “gave subpoenas to Maricopa County in December requesting copies of voter ballots, software used within voting equipment and the physical devices themselves, among other things,” the AP reported.

The board had initially battled against the subpoenas, but is now going along with the Senate’s attorneys.

Around twelve complaints were issued against the board after the 2020 election, but all were either dismissed or withdrawn. No claims of widespread election fraud were officially confirmed.

“Before November, there were no recorded issues concerning the legitimacy of the machines, which were also utilized during three other elections in 2020,” officials said.

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