Taliban Takes Hostages & Makes Demands — Guess How Biden Responded?

A hostage event is happening in Afghanistan as the Taliban has refused to allow airplanes with Americans and allies to take off from the country, according to a GOP congressman.

Texas Congressman Mike McCaul made his revelation during his appearance on Fox News.

“We have six aircraft at the Airport — six places with Americans as I speak, also with some interpreters — and the Taliban is keeping them hostage for certain demands right now. The state has accepted these flights and the Taliban will not allow them to leave the airport,” he said.

“They have sat at the airport for the past couple of days, these planes, and they are not allowed to leave. We understand the reason why is due to the Taliban wanting something in exchange,” said the lawmaker, the ranking GOP member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“This is truly … turning into a hostage event where they are allowing American citizens to leave until they get complete recognition from the U.S.”

McCaul’s concern is that the Taliban will get what they want.

“My worry is that Zalmay Khalilzad, who is our special envoy who has met with the Taliban — they are in talks currently, and I am concerned his recommendation to the White House will be to accept and recognize the Taliban,” he said.

McCaul reported that there were “hundreds of Americans left behind. And, very sadly, the Afghan interpreters who worked with American special forces, almost every one of them were not allowed in the airport gates and were left behind.”

“And that was a pledge that President Biden made. I have said all along Biden has blood on his hands. And this last week, 13 servicemen come home in coffins. This problem will get worse, not better, and we left these people behind. That is the basic motto of the U.S. military,” he said.