Team Biden Drafts Roadmap To America’s Destruction

President Biden’s border officials are now planning to dramatically increase legal migration into Americans’ neighborhoods.

“We want to take a larger approach toward legal avenues that were always available but that Trump’s officials attempted to put roadblocks upon,” Felicia Escobar Carrillo, a Biden appointee, told the NY Times.

Carrillo works under Alejandro Mayorkas, the pro-migration head of Biden’s DHS. “There are big changes that must be made to open all options for legal immigration,” she said.

But this plan is a challenge to the “tight labor market” plan supported by President Biden. In which he said he wanted employers to compete for workers.

The Mayorkas program could be curbed if Republican lawmakers deny the money and if pro-American organizations file lawsuits to stop the abuses of migration loopholes.

Americans are already seeing the wage benefits of such a tight labor market due to policies set by President Trump back in 2020.

In contrast, the Mayorkas plan will attract foreign migrants from other nations and use them to flood red states to easily win elections, along with also lowering salaries and increasing real estate prices.

Under Mayorkas’ program, workers will compete for jobs — flipping Biden’s program to have companies compete with each other for workers.

Migration distorts the politics of America by pushing power toward “woke” progressives who prey on the immigrants with propaganda designed to cause hatred of white Americans.

Mayorkas says that the U.S. is a Nation of Immigrants — instead of a country of Americans and their offspring — and has repeatedly supported plans to legally import an overflowing amount of migrants.

“We have a three-part approach,” Mayorkas said during a Senate hearing back on May 13. “Deal with the root causes of migration, to create legal pathways into the country, and to hope that Congress passes immigration reform,” said Mayorkas, who posted on social media on April 28 that “immigrant-owned businesses are the foundation of our communities and nation.”

“We are improving and increasing legal migration,” Tyler Moran, a Mayorkas ally within the White House said to recently. “We have created a number of programs creating legal paths to migrate and request protection, and we view that as a successful thing,” she added.

Mayorkas is already creating numerous avenues in America’s immigration law. Those avenues will be used to legally accept an unlimited number of migrants who will then be sent to communities all around the nation.

Author: Blake Ambrose