Team Biden Makes An Infuriating Vaccine Announcement

The United States Surgeon General this Sunday informed Americans to anticipate more businesses to use vaccine mandates after the FDA’s complete approval of the Pfizer vaccine.

“For universities and businesses that have been thinking about enacting vaccine requirements to create safer spaces for people to learn and work, I believe this move from the FDA … will actually help them to go forward with those types of plans,” United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said on CNN.

The FDA acted Monday to fully approve the Pfizer vaccine after giving the emergency use of three covid vaccines in the United States

After months of review, Pfizer’s vaccine was approved.

“The FDA’s approval is a milestone as we fight the pandemic. While this and other vaccines have met the FDA’s scientific standards for emergency use, the public can be confident this vaccine meets the high standards for effectiveness and safety standard the FDA looks for in an approved product,” Janet Woodcock, M.D, Acting FDA Commissioner said.

The FDA’s complete approval of the vaccines is widely thought to lead to more pressure on those who don’t want the new technology injected into their cells.

Large companies like Disney, Google, McDonald’s, Facebook, Twitter, and many more are already forcing workers get vaccinated before coming back to the office. State governments are also forcing vaccine requirements for employees, though many states with GOP governors have banned local officials from forcing vaccines or masks.

According to MarketWatch, some companies face lingering worries about imposing vaccine mandates, citing resistance from employees to the effect it will have on company morale and culture. With many businesses struggling to bring in workers, some employers are concerned about alienating possible hires by forcing their vaccination.

The establishment says that covid vaccines are effective at stopping death and severe illness, except in very rare cases, but as CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said two weeks ago, “What they can not do anymore is stop transmission.”

That’s due to the Delta variant, which is more contagious than past variants, has demonstrated an ability to breakthrough infections of those who go a covid vaccine.

The Delta variant began in India and was allowed into the country thanks to President Biden’s open border agenda. Democrats refuse to lockdown America’s borders, but will lockdown American citizens.

Author: Steven Sinclaire