Team Biden Stutters And Shakes After This Perfect Question From Tom Cotton

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (AR) this Wednesday blasted Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland upon permitting an FBI probe into American parents who are labeled “domestic terrorists” after protests occurred against the anti-white indoctrination of children with Critical Race Theory Virginia’s Loudoun County, Virginia.

“Thank God you aren’t on the Supreme Court,” Cotton said to Garland, who was the nominee for the Court but could not get confirmed.

“Your testimony and directive, along with your performance is shameful,” Cotton said during a Senate hearing. “Thank God, you aren’t on the U.S. Supreme Court. You should resign right now in disgrace.”

Cotton’s statement came after the National School Board Association (NSBA) apologized this past Friday for labeling parents who were worried about anti-white Critical Race Theory as “domestic terrorists” who the FBI should target.

“There was no justification for the language inside this letter,” the apology said.

During his Senate hearing, Garland said he would not end the FBI’s investigation into parents, even though the probe was based on bad information from the NSBA.

“This memo is not concerning parents being able to object during school board meeting,” Garland said. “They are protected by the U.S. First Amendment, as long there are no violent threats, they are totally protected.”

“So parents can object at their school board meetings, about curriculum and the treatment of their kids, about school policies, all of this is 100 percent protected by the U.S. First Amendment and there is nothing this memo to the contrary,” Garland deflected. “We are only attempting to stop violence against school leaders.”

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Josh Hawley (MO) has also demanded that Garland’s resignation be about this matter. “Merrick Garland used the FBI to intimidate parents without any legal basis and, we now know, based on misinformation he did not bother to verify,” Hawley said in a tweet.

“It was a dangerous move and an abuse of his authority that has badly harmed the Justice Dept’s integrity and Garland’s. He needs to resign right away,” he said.

This comes at a time when other federal agencies such as the FBI have also made obvious moves against American conservatives under the guise of fighting “white nationalist terrorism.”

Author: Scott Dowdy