Team Biden Unveils Stunning Plan To Arrest Trump

Officials with connections to President Biden and his cronies are planning ways to criminally charge President Trump with certain crimes so he cannot run for president again.

Politico reported Thursday that officials West Palm Beach are currently working to possibly arrest Trump and then extradite him to New York after he gets charged for any crime the far-left comes up with.

These Democrats want to ensure that Governor Ron DeSantis cannot step in to protect Trump. There is a measure in Florida that might allow the Governor to decide whether or not Trump “should be given” to another state. These officials are organizing in an attempt to stop DeSantis from using this measure to prevent this vengeful prosecution.

“The measure gives room for some interpretation that the governor could have the ability to refuse an extradition notice,” said Joe Abruzzo, the Palm Beach County Circuit Court clerk.

Abruzzo would be the person to bring a fugitive-at-large order against Trump. Abruzzo also has connections to the Biden family, with him being a friend of the President’s brother, Frank. He said “the law will be used, without any bias” despite his link to the Biden family.

The rule of law is gone, and Democrats have destroyed it. American patriots will face tough choices in the years to come about what must be done to guard freedom during these dark times.

Author: Steven Sinclaire