Ted Cruz Gives Blistering Response To Democrats’ Relief Bill

GOP Texas Senator Ted Cruz slammed Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin after Newsweek was forced to change their “fact check” about illegals getting stimulus checks.

The publication’s fact check was against Senator Cruz’s “statement that millions of illegals would get stimulus payments.” Newsweek first said the claim was “mostly false” before being forced to issue a correction.

After the correction, Cruz layed into Durbin, tweeting out that “facts are hard things.” Durbin had previously said Cruz was being untruthful during a vote in the Senate on Saturday.

“Cruz’s statement that millions of illegals would get a stimulus payment is untrue, although some who overstay their visas could be eligible for a payment,” Newsweek said according to an archived version of their article.

Just one day after the publication, Newsweek had to correct this “fact check” and give the statement a “true” rating. The publication then added a statement from Border Patrol in its new version of the article.

“Senator Cruz’s comment that millions of illegals could get stimulus payments is true, given the amount who have stayed past their visas. Once they overstay, they are seen as ‘illegal,’” Newsweek said.

Border Patrol confirmed that if a person overstays their visa, “they are in America illegally” and could be deported.

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