Ted Cruz Teases Terrific Plan For America

During times of disaster, Democrats can be counted on to play the blame game, and it is no surprise that they are spending a significant percentage of their efforts blaming Trump, Republicans, Americans, and pretty much everyone else but themselves over the current devastation unfolding across Europe.

To their credit, however, at least some of them, surprisingly House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have openly proclaimed that America needs to stop importing Russian oil, though the Biden administration has continued to twiddle its thumbs in this regard.

While the Democrats waffle over whether or not to restrict oil imports, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has already introduced legislation that will not only obviate the need for Russian oil, but also resume the job that Trump began, prior to being so rudely interrupted by bungling Biden.

“I’m introducing the Energy Freedom Act to reverse Biden’s actions so we can restore American energy independence,” Cruz proclaimed.

At last, a bill that makes sense. A bill that doesn’t fixate on transgender sports or other woke pet concerns, but instead a bill that benefits all Americans, regardless of background.

Moreover, unlike the mega-trillion dollar “Build Back Better” regime, which has been all but abandoned now, Cruz’s plan makes fiscal sense.

“This bill won’t cost taxpayers a dime, but it will provide the United States billions in revenue in the coming years by expediting permitting, leasing, safe new pipelines, and exports, and providing much needed regulatory certainty,” Cruz continued, “it would create new jobs, lower energy costs, and because modern energy production in the United States is far cleaner than in any other country’s by every measure, it would help the environment.”

In other words, Cruz’s bill would also satisfy the desire of woke AOC and her brigade, although the most immediate, pressing need is to counteract the human rights devastation unfolding across Europe.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has emphasized the critical importance of “maximizing the economic pressure on Mr. Putin’s regime,” which entails going much “further on economic sanctions, expelling every Russian bank from SWIFT and giving our law enforcement agencies unprecedented powers to peel back the facade of dirty Russian money in London.”

Dirty Russian money absolutely should be stripped from the United States as well.

Perhaps the best clues could be found in Hunter Biden’s wayward laptops.

“We must go after the oligarchs … So far, the United Kingdom has imposed sanctions on more than 300 elites and entities, including Mr. Putin himself,” Johnson continued, “but these measures will be insufficient unless Europe begins to wean itself off the Russian oil and gas that bankroll Mr. Putin’s war machine.”

Now, if only the Biden administration could wean itself from the apparent addiction to Russian oil, the one asset the president won’t sanction, in spite of the fact it constitutes the vast majority of funding for the current war effort.

Multiple other Democrats have certainly called for more aggressive actions against Putin, including Senator Manchin, who has blasted Putin’s personal war effort.

“This is not the Russian people’s war, this is Putin’s war,” Manchin said. “But to take anything off the table thinking we might not be able to use things because we’ve already taken them off the table is wrong.”

Absolutely. And it is safe to say that Manchin supports “no fly zones” that terrify the apparently feckless NATO, and he also advocates taking a bit more action than sending the even more feckless Kamala to make another useless appearance in Europe.

For “appearances sake” of course.

“I would take nothing off the table, but I would be very clear that we are going to support the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian president, his government every way humanly possible,” Manchin intoned, “Zelenskyy was very clear, he says we don’t need you to fight our fight, we don’t need you to fly our planes or fly your planes into our war zone. We need the planes, and we can fly ourself, and we have them on the border.”

Time remains to be seen whether or not the Biden administration will respond to either Cruz or Manchin.

Author: Jane Jones