Ted Cruz Unleashes All Hell On Liberal Reporter For Asking A Truly Dumb Question

Republican Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) exploded this week at a reporter who questioned why the GOP lawmakers were having a media conference without masks.

At the end of a media conference from Senate GOP members, a female reporter gave Ted Cruz a “glaring visual” existed because these lawmakers were not using masks but media members were using them.

Cruz, replied, at first explained the “wild hypocrisy” about COVID-19 policies that he has seen from President Biden and Dr. Fauci.

“I think there was wild hypocrisy from the Joe Biden administration when it comes to coronavirus policies — whether mask rules where Biden rightly said we should not have rules, whether vaccine mandates where Biden said we should not have vaccine mandates,” Ted Cruz said. “As far as I am aware, everyone here is vaccinated, double vaccinated, and been boosted at some time.”

“I do understand Dr. Fauci has been all over the place. He has said yes to masks, no to masks, he has said, ‘Oh, I lied to Americans because they can’t handle it.’ You know, at some time, the American people should be able to use their own freedom and make their choice,” Cruz said. “If you want to wear a mask, God bless you; you can use a mask forever — that is your choice.”

Cruz then angrily ripped into the media for not questioning the Biden White House about its hypocrisy, twice hitting his fist on his lectern for good measure.

“And on the issue of hypocrisy, you just wanted to know, ‘Why are you people at your podium speaking without any masks.’ Just once, I would like to see a journalist say to Biden when he stands at his podium without a mask, ‘Mr. President, why are you not wearing a mask?'” Cruz said. “Just once, I want to see you say this to Jen Psaki, the White House media secretary, when she stands without a mask, ‘Ms. Psaki, why do you not have a mask?’”

“The questions are one sided, and I have got to say that Americans see through the hypocrisy,” Cruz said.

To Cruz’s point, any time the Joe Biden administration members — from Biden himself to media secretary Jen Psaki — have press conferences, they do this while not wearing face masks.

Author: Blake Ambrose