Terrorists Give Biden The Worst Humiliation Of His Career

The Islamic terrorist who took the lives of 13 people during the attack against Fort Hood in 2009 is now praising the Taliban from his death row cell after their takeover of Afghanistan.

In his letter, the terrorist, whom we do not name due to wanting to deny mass shooters the notoriety they are looking for from their evil acts, said: “We Have Won!!!”

The United States federal government, under control of the Barack Obama White House at the time, tried to say that the 2009 terror attack was about “workplace violence.” The NY Times said that the attack “was called a terror attack in a 2011 report from the Senate and it has an official ID number inside the Global Terror Database.”

The terrorist killed dozens of American soldiers because he wanted to help the Taliban terrorists and protect them from U.S. soldiers reaching Afghanistan.

“However, now the federal government’s ‘workplace violence’ lie was completely exposed,” representatives for the terror victims stated at the time. “By his own account, Hasan was a jihadist who murdered innocent Americans to help the Taliban.”

The judge for the case, Col. Tara Osborn, later decided that prosecutors could not speak about the terrorist’s correspondence with a top al-Qaeda recruiter and leader. Back in 2014, the terrorist published a letter stating that he wanted to join ISIS.

The Taliban won control of Afghanistan just last month after President Joe Biden’s badly managed withdrawal from the nation, which led to the deaths of 13 American troops who were murdered during a terror attack. Hundreds of Americans were also supposedly left behind in the nation after Joe Biden said during his interview on ABC that he would leave United States troops in the nation until all American citizens who wanted to get out were able to get out.

Joe Biden has since witnessed his approval ratings fall all the way into the 30s, according to a new poll that was published this week by YouGov, which highlighted his approval numbers “on his management of major topics, have all gone down, dramatically in many cases.”

Author: Blake Ambrose