Terrorists Storm a U.S. Embassy — Guess Which President Was There To Help Them?

This Thursday, the Yemeni news outlet Al-Masdar Online said that Houthi jihadis in the country, which are supported by Iran, stormed the U.S. embassy in Sana’a, capturing “large quantities of materials and equipment.”

Just days before this, they also “kidnapped three Yemeni nationals connected to the U.S. Embassy.” Biden’s team promised America would return.

A State Dept. spokesman confirmed the Yemeni news report, saying: “The U.S. has been unceasing in its diplomatic efforts to get their release. Most of those people detained were released, but the Houthis continue to detain more Yemeni employees of the embassy.” They are being “kept without any explanation and we ask for their immediate release.” The United States, the spokesman said, is “concerned about the break in” and is asking for “the Houthis to quickly vacate and return all seized equipment.”

Yeah, I’ll bet the Houthis are in complete fear now. Because Joe Biden’s handlers will go all out on this one: maybe using the Navy? Sending in Marines? Quickly imposing sanctions? The Biden White House said they “will continue our diplomatic efforts to ensure the release of staff and the return of our compound, including with the help of our international partners.” That will show those terrorists!

Contrast this weak response to Donald Trump designating this group as foreign terrorists, which liberals and the news establishment was outraged about. No fewer than twenty-two aid organizations were operating in Yemen and asked for that designation to be removed “immediately,” and when Biden’s handlers gained the presidency, Biden did that. Donald Trump was right again. If any organization deserves to be called terrorists, it is the Houthis.

Regardless, in Sept. the Biden White House quietly done away with an advanced missile defense system from Saudi Arabia, despite Saudis suffering ongoing air attacks from Yemen.

Did Joe Biden’s handlers believe that removing the defense system would cause the Houthis to make a reciprocal goodwill gesture?

The removal of these missiles was obviously another way to appease radical Muslims and Iran, who so far have not been moved by Joe Biden to soften their violent rhetoric. Pentagon official John Kirby, however, said nothing about Iran as he admitted to “the redeployment of some air defense assets.” Instead, he said that American commitment to Middle East allies remained “broad and deep.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire