Texas Gives Citizens a Freedom They’ve Never Had Before

The Texas House approved a bill over the weekend that would allow citizens to use handguns without having a permit.

The legislation is now going to Republican Governor Greg Abbott for approval. He has said he would be signing the bill.

The bill would allow Texan citizens 21 and over who can legally own a gun to bring a handgun into public without having a permit or background check, which was formerly required under state law.

The Texas House approved the bill by voting 82 to 62. Previously, the State Senate approved the bill with a vote of 18 to 13.

The measure includes an amendment that would increase penalties for felons who are found to be carrying a firearm.

Democrats say the bill will result in Texans and state officers being put in greater danger.

Charles Schwertner, who supported the bill said that when it comes to laws about guns, “there is always a lot of worry.” Schwertner said he believes the law will make the state safer.

Governor Abbott said last month that he supported “constitutional carry” laws.

Jason Ouimet, the NRA director, supports the move, saying that Americans should not be forced to have a license to possess a firearm outside.

“A right forcing you to get government approval is not a right at all.”

Author: Blake Ambrose