Texas Governor Announces Mass Arresting Spree

As border counties try to contain the overwhelming flood of illegals, GOP Governor Greg Abbott announced his team is putting a stop to it using a disaster declaration: “We are going to start arresting people.”

“I don’t believe a disaster declaration was ever made for border counties due to an influx of illegals,” Abbott said this week. “But I do think we are going to change how we deal with the challenges on the border, and we will start by helping 34 counties by increasing arrests. And we will start next week.”

Abbott’s announcement is a long one and comes around two months after he started Operation Lone Star to order the Texas Dept. of Public Safety “to fight the smuggling of drugs and people into Texas.”

The order moves officials to take the needed steps to stop Texas from continuing to allow migrant holding facilities that are currently under contract with the Biden White House. Thousands of migrants are held inside the state of Texas, with one location in El Paso holding over 4,500 kids.

Abbott’s disaster declaration also orders the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and Texas Commission on Jail Standards to help counties and handle any needed employment changes inside detention facilities. Likewise, the agencies can request waivers for those locations to come up with other areas or expand the amount of migrants being held.

“Under the Biden White House, the government has shown inability or unwillingness to enforce immigration rules, to stop illegal crossings or to meaningfully work with Texas in achieving these goals,” the declaration says.

Texas officials have arrested over 1,300 illegals at the border after Operation Lone Star was launched, and over 35,000 illegals have been captured. Over 10,000 pounds of drugs and hundreds of guns have been confiscated.

Before the governor’s order this week, over a dozen counties requested state funds through declarations. Abbott’s statewide order allows Texas to ask the federal government for aid to fight the border surge.

Author: Scott Dowdy