Texas Governor Shreds Biden For Abandoning ‘Rule Of Law’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott torched President Biden on Sunday, saying he has abandoned the rule of law at the U.S. southern border amid a worsening migrant crisis – sending the cost of border security for Texas skyrocketing.

Abbott told “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo that the “root cause” of the record number of migrants entering the U.S. is because of the “lack of border security.”

“It shows that President Biden’s approach to this is to abandon the rule of law,” Abbott said of the migrant surge and Biden’s immigration policies.

Abbott said that the cost for the state of Texas to secure the border under the Biden admin has exploded out of control, costing the state more than $1 billion.

“Our state legislature, they allocate about $800 million every two years for the state to pay for this,” Abbott said of securing the border. “This year, because of the extended time that we will have the National Guard on the border, it likely will clearly exceed a billion dollars for the state to have to secure the United States of America.”

Abbott said border security is only one of the many costs to the state, with others being health care, education and law enforcement. These costs will also affect other states where gangs and human traffickers go after crossing the border with migrants, the governor added.

“The first 100 days of the Biden administration, they’ve been great for the cartels, for the gangs, for the human traffickers who have been exploiting the borders,” he said.

In response to the rising costs of border security, Abbott said his goal was to have Texas secure the border while the Biden administration pays for it. The Texas Gov. told Bartiromo that Biden has yet to speak with him on the issues surrounding the border. Neither Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris has visited the border since taking office.

Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar on Saturday also slammed President Biden over his failure to address the border crisis during his recent address to Congress.

Cuellar said what’s taking place in border states is a “crisis” and should be acknowledged as such by the White House.

“I believe in immigration reform. We haven’t had immigration reform since we had a bipartisan approach in 1986 [with] President Reagan and the Democrat Congress,” Cuellar said on Fox News. “We’ve had proposals but we haven’t carried that through.”

“I did notice that the president did not talk about the border. There is a border crisis, no ifs about it,” he explained. “The numbers are still high.”

The congressman said officials are better at transitioning unaccompanied minors from Border Patrol facilities to five Department of Homeland Security tents nearby.

“They’re doing a little better on the upflow itself but what about the inflow?” Cuellar asked. “That’s people coming in. Those numbers are still coming in.”

“To say that we have everything under control – you know, I’m supportive of President Biden, I’m a supporter of his – but we’re not paying attention to the border communities and this is not under control,” Cuellar said. “I can tell you that.”

Cuellar has been outspoken about the border crisis and, in particular, the Biden administration’s re-instated “catch-and-release policy.”

Last month, the Texas Democrat slammed the Biden administration for doing away with President Donald Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

“There are ways to address this issue. The reason I think the Biden administration said that they didn’t want to implement, or the reason they got rid of the MPPs, is because they were worried about the safety of those individuals,” the congressman said. “But, you know, you can use the U.N. in so many ways. The U.N. can be used to provide safety for the individuals. We use that all over the country so that the MPP can be repurposed in a safe way if there were concerns.”

“[The Biden administration] could have just repurposed that agreement from the very beginning, cut off the flow of people coming in because I worry about all those folks coming in through the hands of the coyotes, through criminals, which is a very criminal, a very, very dangerous being in the hands of those criminals,” Cuellar said.

The mainstream media has largely stopped covering the still ongoing border crisis in an attempt to limit the negative press for the Biden admin – but officials in Border states have made it clear – the problem still persists.

Author: Mark Jameson