Texas Governor Signs Constitutional Bill That Is Driving Democrats Crazy

This week, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott passed a bill legalizing constitutional carry for Texas residents, allowing them to carry pistols without a permit.

The bill, formally called House Bill 1927, stops the requirement for people aged 21 and older to get a license, so long as they are not prohibited from possessing a gun for other reasons. The new law goes into effect on Sept. 1.

HB 1927 had passed the state’s House and Senate previously. As a part of a compromise, legislators kept an amendment that increases criminal penalties for felons caught carrying a gun.

The enactment of the new law marks a big victory for conservatives and gun supporters in the state, who have asked their lawmakers for constitutional carry for many years. Previous efforts were routinely rejected by moderates and Democrats, but the key ally turned out to be Dade Phelan. The Republican who has argued for constitutional carry since 2017, and who created a 2019 bill allowing citizens to publicly carry handguns in the week after any possible natural disaster.

According to a poll done by the University of Texas, 85 percent of Texas Democrats oppose the new rule. As such, its passage has led many liberals to speak out against Abbott, including Congressman Veronica Escobar (D) who represents much of El Paso and the surrounding area.

With Governor Abbott’s signature, Texas is now the 21st state to have a constitutional carry law, after: Arkansas, Alaska, Idaho, Arizona, Kansas, Iowa, Maine, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Dakota, Vermont, Utah, Wyoming and West Virginia.

This comes as President Biden’s administration has continued to ramp up their drive toward stricter gun laws. Including the nomination of gun-grabbing leftist David Chipman to lead the ATF. Which Republicans have warned will threaten American’s Second Amendment rights more than ever before.

Author: Steven Sinclaire