Texas Governor Trolls Democrats For This Embarrassing Mistake

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Sunday touted Texas’ response to covid saying that even after the pushback for his lifting of mandates, the state’s numbers “keep improving.”

“To put it into context, from the start, many businesses stayed open,” the GOP member said on Fox News. “Back in March, we had the whole economy open 100% and no more required masks.”

President Biden spoke out against the lifting of restrictions, saying it was “Neanderthal thinking,” and Democrats accused Abbott of giving a death warrant to Texans. However, the Governor highlighted that since this, the covid rates have went down.

“Hospitalizations keep going down even more,” Abbott said. “Yesterday was the best covid-positive rate we have had yet, and so it proves the right decision was to ensure we opened, and got the state back to normal.”

Abbott also praised his state’s economy, including a score by CEO Magazine saying the state was the best place for business.

“From last year to now, Texas created a million jobs,” said the Governor. “And through the rest of this year, we will create 800,000.”

“One thing causing this is that many people and companies are leaving shutdown states,” he said, highlighting that companies like Hewlett-Packard and Tesla have moved to the state, along with so many more.

Author: Blake Ambrose