The Biggest Evidence Of Biden’s Corruption Goes Completely Ignored

Establishment media like CBS, NBC and ABC, have spent “zero seconds” talking about Hunter and Joe Biden’s supposed shared bank account, the RNC research team said this week.

The establishment media have totally ignored that Biden could be embroiled in the FBI’s continuing investigation into Hunter’s finances, experts have stated, detailing the email messages connected to Hunter’s “laptop from hell,” which shows Joe and hunter had a shared a bank account. The bank account could be connected to Hunter’s elicit actions.

As Breitbart News reported on one episode, Hunter said he and his father were using one bank account.

The RNC also revealed the establishment media ignored three more stories about Hunter’s corruption and shady business dealings. Those include:

New emails showing Hunter Biden asked for $2 million and “success fees” to help unfreeze some Libyan assets.

Joe Biden’s brother-in-law requested that Hunter Biden help him secure a license for his business in China.

Hunter Biden selling five art prints to “random” anonymous buyers for $75K per painting.

On Oct. 1 Hunter reportedly sold five of his paintings for $75,000 per painting to unnamed investors at a LA exhibit. It is not known who bought the paintings, but a source informed the Post that most of those “allowed to purchase works are private collectors, people that Berges knows personally.”

Many famous and rich elites attended Hunter’s art show, including LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, artist Shepard Fairey (the maker of the Obama “Hope” poster), musician Moby, Sugar Ray Leonard, and British artist Millie Brown.

WH press secretary Jen Psaki was questioned about why Hunter should not have to be transparent about his buyers.

“Well, to be clear, we have spoken to the arrangement by the gallerist, and Hunter’s representative, that the White House gave suggestions for,” she said. “I would refer you to the gallerist for questions about the event as well as representatives of the gallery about attendance.”

When pushed, Psaki replied by directing questions to Hunter’s gallerist, Georges Bergès, who has marketed his strong connections to China and Chinese elite. “I would point you to the gallerist on details about any restrictions,” Psaki said.

Author: Blake Ambrose