The Democrat Party Is Doomed – And It’s All Because Of This

The last year has seen a sudden resurgence in violence – something which a CNN analyst says will essentially assure the Republicans reclaim their majority in Congress in 2022.

“Republicans can turn rising crime into a culture war wedge issue,” said John Avlon this week on “New Day,” CNN’s morning show. “And as we turn the corner into summer, which is usual increase in violence crime, public safety is again front and center in people’s minds after decades of declines.”

“Democrats are going to have to deal with it or risk political backlash,” said Avlon, who hosts the show’s “Reality Check” feature.

Avlon’s segment was something rather rare from not just CNN, but the mainstream media these days. He covered the fact that law-abiding people have increasingly become targets in their streets, their communities, and their own homes — along with law enforcement officers – all thanks to rhetoric from the Democrats.

“Major American cities saw a stunning 33 percent increase in murder last year,” he said. He asked viewers to contrast that “with the steep and then steady murder decline America saw between 1991 and 2014.”

The violence is far from over, he warned. “The spike in homicides and assaults continued in the first quarter of this year. Not only that, the number of police officers who have been shot in the line of duty stand at 141 as of May 16, and 24 officer fatalities this year is the most year to date since 2018.”

That merely scratches the surface of America’s intensifying war with itself. NPR recently reported, “At the end of 2020, Chicago police reported more than 750 murders, a jump of more than 50% compared with 2019. By mid-December, Los Angeles saw a 30% increase over the previous year with 322 homicides. There were 437 homicides in New York City by Dec. 20, nearly 40% more than the previous year.”

Avlon told his viewers, “You’d be forgiven for asking, what the hell is going on here?”

He blamed a “perfect storm” of factors, including economic contractions brought on by the COVID-19 lockdowns that have lingered into this year in some areas. He also cited “the release of criminal defendants due to COVID concerns in jail” — although many of these were not “defendants” but prisoners with records of such crimes as sexual offenses and murder.

Avlon also blamed expanded crime on “the overall reallocation of police resources,” otherwise known as defunding the police.

“Los Angeles recently changed course after cutting its police department by $150 million last July,” he said. “Now its mayor is proposing increased funding after a 38 percent spike in murders last year.”

What Avlon did fail to mention, are the violent BLM riots which the network previously attempted to pass off as “mostly peaceful protests,” which account for $2 billion in property damage and claimed dozens of lives, including retired African American policeman David Dorn.

Last week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlighted the spike in violence which began last May, but he dismissed the notion that COVID-19 accounted for it. He noted that crime fell in nations around the world, including Canada, the U.K., Sweden, and Russia.

“Even in Mexico, there were fewer homicides in 2020 than there were in 2019. So, for normal countries — pretty much all countries — the pandemic meant more Netflix, but less killing,” he said.

“Not here. In the United States, the opposite happened,” he said. “A lot of Netflix, even more killing.”

He said the difference is that, in the U.S., “… the Democratic Party took full control of the country, and their policies resulted in a huge number of killings.”

Author: Lucas Higgins