The Democrat Party Is Falling — And There’s Only One Man To Blame

We will get to the USA Today survey below, and it’s a very gruesome political reality for the White House — but before we do, here is a look at the new data from CBS and NBC pollsters. We went through some of the Afghanistan numbers in this article, but it is worth flagging some more data. Biden’s approval had slipped considerably on core topics like coronavirus and the economy. These are some huge swings:

And as Dems discuss trillions in additional spending, their last huge spend-a-thon is not exactly winning rave reviews:

No wonder some political analysts are reporting that Republicans’ prospects for 2022 are getting much better:

“Across over 30 special elections during the Biden administration, Republicans are doing better by 4 points on average than former President Trump did in those same districts in 2020…Either way you look at it, there was a slight GOP overperformance compared to where we were last year…But this would likely allow Republicans to get back the House, especially given that they are in a good spot for redistricting. What really is something though, is the trend…Whether this shift sustains itself cannot be known at this time. Things might shift back to Dems. It should not be very surprising if the GOP overperformance does stay. In 2009, there was a huge movement away from Dems in special elections in the middle of the year. This foretold the GOP doing very well during the 2010 midterms.”

And now we have a fresh poll from USA Today that is brutal against Biden. It might be an outlier for now, but these trends connect with the other data above:

“For President Biden, the war’s chaotic end came at a steep cost. His overall job rating now is at 41% who approved versus 55% who disapproved – a large drop in the closely watched metric. Until last week, polls showed his approval higher than 50%. Now, while he has kept the backing of 87% of Dems, only 32% of independent voters say he is doing a good job…The poll was done on Thursday through Monday, when the country’s news was filled with videos of people attempting to evacuate the Kabul airport and an increase of COVID-19 cases across the U.S. Half approved of his management of coronavirus, 39% of his management of the economy, 26% of his management of the Afghan withdrawal…Biden’s choice to pull out American troops was supported by most American citizens, 53%-38%. But about two-thirds, 62%, disapproved of how he handled that withdrawal.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire