The Next ‘Holocaust’ Is Here — And It Might Be You

This week, responding to the non-racial murders in Atlanta, six of whose victims were Asian, a writer for the NY Times said that whiteness needs to be isolated and killed.

Damon Young said, “It pollutes the air, it restricts equilibrium, it destroys forests, it sparks wars, and it kills people.”

The anti-white extremist then tried to connect the anti-Asian attacks, which have been mostly committed by black Americans, to the “rhetoric in our national discussion over the past year,” Young of course laid that blame upon President Donald Trump, as well as the GOP, saying that they “can and should be blamed for the increase of violence against Asians.”

Young did not stop there; he then used the past of whites in America, arguing that, “The line does not stop there. It goes back 400 years and is clawing everywhere white supremacy is, in this country, it is everywhere.”

He ended with his most blatant and extreme anti-white statement yet:

“White supremacy is just like a virus, it will continue until there are zero bodies left for it to use. So, the only way to kill it it is to find it, isolate it, and kill it. A vaccine could work as well, but we don’t have one yet.”

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