The Tiny Nation Of Gibraltar Just Shattered Democrats’ Covid Narrative

The country of Gibraltar, which has a 99 percent vaccine rate, is now witnessing an incredible spike in cases.

The amount of COVID cases each day has increased by an incredible 2500 percent since June 1st, in the latest evidence that the vaccine is not what they say it is.

Because of the failure of the coronavirus vaccine, Gibraltar is now having another lockdown, which is changing public life for all of the citizens who bought into the Big Pharma lies and lined up for the jabs.

The Gibraltar Office of Civil Contingencies has cancelled all larger events until September due to the pandemic. They are also ordering all private facilities to force restrictions too.

“The Government urges private restaurants and bars to be cautious with the events that they have, to strictly control numbers and to guarantee that customers are vaccinated with negative covid test result,” the government said in their announcement of their new restrictions.

“At this time we are not considering introducing a law to control catering and nightclubs, but it is a possibility if cases keep rising,” they said.

“While all of this is burdensome, it is vital that we keep working together, as we have done so up to now, in lowering the risks of transmission and again defeat coronavirus in the community,” the government said.

Throughout the West, governments have started to re-start mask mandates because of a lack of efficiency from the vaccines, which is then blamed on those who did not take the shots by the media and the alleged public health “experts.”

We have reported about these predictable outcomes of this scamdemic:

“As the experimental coronavirus vaccine is shown to be as far from ironclad in stopping the movement of the virus, public health “experts” are saying it is again time to go back to forced masking.”

The Washington Post put out a profile on the officials that are once again urging a return to masks.

“Universal masking, including indoors, is how we take care of each other while we ensure more people are vaccinated,” said Barbara Ferrer, who is the director of the LA County Dept. of Public Health, which moved to restart their indoor mask mandates one week ago.”

Author: Blake Ambrose